He came, he saw, he fitted! (Just)

After a whole year and three months, we are back and raring to go with four new colleagues that have foolishly agreed to try and get in the mighty Samsung RSA1WTMH fridge.

Since it has been so very long since any new updates graced the Who’s in the Fridge blog, I feel that I should fill you in on all that has happened in the office.

Not a lot.

Now that’s out the way, let me introduce the next competitor to try and conquer the confined space, the deadly cold and the continuous rambling of Manley by getting in the fridge.

His name is Merlin Harries and he is a ‘Carbon based life-form’ (or so says his Twitter profile) and I have had the glorious pleasure of working with him for a number of years now.

It has been only recently that Merlin has really shown interest in the almighty challenge than only few have accepted and even fewer have beaten, but now he is ready and raring to go.

Merlin isn’t a small man, and to begin with I was a little worried whether he would become another who failed to defeat the ever shrinking space allowed by the legendary Samsung fridge, but, against all odds (and some impressive contortion) Merlin slotted into the fridge and joined the very small list of successful challengers (just about).

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Close, But No Cigar. Dug vs Fridge.

Its been a little while since we have put anyone in the fridge and just getting the camera into the office and remembering to try and squeeze someone in was difficult on its own.

With this in mind we felt it was time to take on our biggest challenge yet in the form of the mighty Dug. I will refrain from making the obvious ‘fat’ jokes and just say that we didn’t hold out much hope for Duggles to fit in our fridge, but we had to try and try we did.

This day has been long in the making, with Dug promising to get in the fridge for a long time and then seeming to disappear at the last moment. Even though science was against him, Dug decided to give getting in the fridge all his energy and took a very aggressive approach to the task ahead.

As you can see, Manley is standing in the background (looking very camp indeed) getting ready to help poor Dug in his attempt. Manley’s help would turn out to be pivotal in Dug’s attempt, as you’ll be able to see from the slide show below.

Knowing he wouldn’t be able to just walk in to the fridge and close the door, Dug decided to take things slowly and first eyed up the task ahead. Having thought through all of the possible methods and approaches he could take to getting his ample frame into the ever shrinking Samsung Fridge, Dug decided to try a surprise head-on attack by thrusting his belly at the fridge and hoping the rest of him would follow. As you can probably guess, this didn’t really work leaving Dug with nothing but a slightly chilly stomach.

After try a couple more angles, Dug got to the point where over 50% of his body (baring in mind how much 50% of his body is ) into the fridge. At this point Dug needed help, so as if from nowhere (actually from the kitchen) Manley jumps into action. Using his (aging) muscles (that he gained in the army) Manley tried in vain to close the door of the fridge. After a short time Manley decided this wasn’t working and came up with an idea. The idea of cutting off Dug’s arms was quickly rejected and the brute force approach was tried again.

After a small while the attempt was over with everyone involved returning to their work stations beaten and depressed. I’m sure there is a moral to this story, but i have no idea what it is, just enjoy a fat man getting pushed into a small space. Enjoy.

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Worlds Biggest Coffee Morning

Hello everyone.

Its been a while but we are back and ready to go!

Unfortunately I have no photos of anyone testing the limits of their flexibility today, so I will have to just settle with telling you all about the Worlds Biggest Coffee Morning that we are all joining in with today in the office.

The Worlds Biggest Coffee Morning is basically a morning where everyone within the office is encouraged to bring in a cake for everyone else in the office, and then buy other pieces of cake your colleagues have brought in. All of the money raised is given to the MacMillan Cancer Support, so everyone chips in and helps out.

This is the spread we currently have in the middle of the office. Some people have bought a cake from a shop and some have made their own and brought it in for the occasion.

I have just placed £5 in the pot and am preparing to eat chocolate until i throw up.

I will speak to you all again soon.



We have had an update on how we did on the worlds biggest coffee morning as a company. Between Edinburgh, London and Exeter offices we raised over £340 and the pennies are still coming in.

Thats great news. Thanks to everyone who brought in and bough cakes.

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Lord Manley (mostly) in the Fridge

First I feel I must apologise for the gap between this post and the last. I would use the excuse that I have been rather busy, but that would be a lie, so I shall not.

This week’s Who’s in the Fridge features a man that needs no introduction…

I feel I must explain Manley’s approach to trying to fit in the fridge. The fact that he is far too large to fit all of his aging six foot two inch frame into our ever shrinking Samsung Fridge is obvious. As you can see from the first photo in the slide show above, Manley has no way of getting in the fridge using any of the normal techniques displayed so far by Joe, Celine or Millie. Instead he has used his experienced marketing brain to think outside the box and take another approach completely to help tackle the problem.

Unfortunately, due to a number of factors (mainly that Manley is far too big no matter how he tries to fit in) Manley has to concede defeat to the fridge after having all of his blood rush to his head and having his arms give up under the weight of his big bum.

Manley may have lost this fight, but he has not lost the war,

**dramatic music starts**

He will not give up, He will not crumble under the weight of failure, He will falter just because Science says he will not fit! He will emerge triumphant in the face of adversity. He WILL conquer the mighty fridge… one day.

**dramatic music ends**

Manley Will Win... One day

Or he’ll just give up…

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My Beard.

As you can see from the photo below, i have a beard. I like my beard, but it is starting to get a little long and annoying.

My Beard

So i have decided to let YOU, yes you choose how i shave my beard. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to make me look as stupid as you can by thinking of the most amusing or embarrassing beard for me to sport.

There are several classic beards that could be voted for…

The handlebar

The handlebar

The Soul Pacth

The Soul Pacth

The Goatee

The Goatee

With the above as inspiration get your suggestions in the comments below and I will shave the most suggested beard over the weekend.

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