He came, he saw, he fitted! (Just)

After a whole year and three months, we are back and raring to go with four new colleagues that have foolishly agreed to try and get in the mighty Samsung RSA1WTMH fridge.

Since it has been so very long since any new updates graced the Who’s in the Fridge blog, I feel that I should fill you in on all that has happened in the office.

Not a lot.

Now that’s out the way, let me introduce the next competitor to try and conquer the confined space, the deadly cold and the continuous rambling of Manley by getting in the fridge.

His name is Merlin Harries and he is a ‘Carbon based life-form’ (or so says his Twitter profile) and I have had the glorious pleasure of working with him for a number of years now.

It has been only recently that Merlin has really shown interest in the almighty challenge than only few have accepted and even fewer have beaten, but now he is ready and raring to go.

Merlin isn’t a small man, and to begin with I was a little worried whether he would become another who failed to defeat the ever shrinking space allowed by the legendary Samsung fridge, but, against all odds (and some impressive contortion) Merlin slotted into the fridge and joined the very small list of successful challengers (just about).

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One Comment on "He came, he saw, he fitted! (Just)"

  1. lol champion rotation
    24/01/2012 at 4:19 pm Permalink

    Good website I have bookmarked and will visit often. I have shown my family and make sure they visit. Very information on topic. +1

    Also Merlin is a wizard.

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