If the Fridge fits, Dave…

Our next contender is Dave, the office car enthusiast and all round nice guy. I wonder if all that car-grease will make a difference to the fortunes of our intrepid fridge botherer…  :|

Do not to be deceived by his wiry frame, this guy has big guns on him which might just come into play, given the narrow nature of the space, and his general hunkiness.

Ok, ok, calm yourself ladies. Here is his attempt in all it’s glory…

As you can see, it was close, but no cigar for poor fat headed Dave. Even after a good old push we couldn’t get the door of the Freezer fully closed making it a failure for fattest thin guy in the office. Damn those broad shoulders!

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One Comment on "If the Fridge fits, Dave…"

  1. ETATmodern
    10/05/2010 at 11:23 am Permalink

    Good effort.

    You can do it…..just do it.

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