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Close, But No Cigar. Dug vs Fridge.

Its been a little while since we have put anyone in the fridge and just getting the camera into the office and remembering to try and squeeze someone in was difficult on its own.
With this in mind we felt it was time to take on our biggest challenge yet in the form of the mighty [...]

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Totally Satisfactory

This is what happens if the connection to the Internet goes down in our office…

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How Many Joes Can You Fit In A Fridge?

This week we have young Joe Ford, who has only been with us for about 10 months but is already settled in and is thought of as part of the team (I’m not sure that’s a good thing or not).
Joe is one of the car-loving members of our office and with a name like ‘Ford’ [...]

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Sacre Bleu! The French Are Coming.

Don’t panic! The French aren’t really coming. In fact they are already here. This week’s challenger for who’s in the fridge is the lovely Celine. Don’t let the looks fool you, she means business and was fully committed to do all she could to fit into the the mighty Samsung fridge.

Even though Celine looks visibly [...]

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