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He came, he saw, he fitted! (Just)

After a whole year and three months, we are back and raring to go with four new colleagues that have foolishly agreed to try and get in the mighty Samsung RSA1WTMH fridge.
Since it has been so very long since any new updates graced the Who’s in the Fridge blog, I feel that I should fill [...]

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Lord Manley (mostly) in the Fridge

First I feel I must apologise for the gap between this post and the last. I would use the excuse that I have been rather busy, but that would be a lie, so I shall not.
This week’s Who’s in the Fridge features a man that needs no introduction…

I feel I must explain Manley’s approach to [...]

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If the Fridge fits, Dave…

Our next contender is Dave, the office car enthusiast and all round nice guy. I wonder if all that car-grease will make a difference to the fortunes of our intrepid fridge botherer…  :|

Do not to be deceived by his wiry frame, this guy has big guns on him which might just come into play, given [...]

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Go, go Johnny B. Goode

I first have to apologise for the length of time between the last post and this, to be completely honest I have just been too lazy to write a new post for the next member of staff to be stuffed in the mighty box of judgement.
Today’s willing employee has been dubbed ‘The coolest man in [...]

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Its a very sad day

Yesterday was a very say day for us in the office. After many years for fun and frolics Millie our secretary/finance girl has left us for pastures new.
Its was sad to see her go, but we all had fun with an exchanging of presents (we gave her some gifts from Poundland and she gave us [...]

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