Totally Satisfactory

This is what happens if the connection to the Internet goes down in our office…

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How Many Joes Can You Fit In A Fridge?

This week we have young Joe Ford, who has only been with us for about 10 months but is already settled in and is thought of as part of the team (I’m not sure that’s a good thing or not).

Joe is one of the car-loving members of our office and with a name like ‘Ford’ you don’t have to think too hard as to what car he owns. Joe also loves music, so much so that he currently writes a blog that reviews new and old albums from various artists across several genres. Check out Rust ‘N’ Bones if it sounds interesting (there is also an excellent section about Stew)

Joe has a distinct advantage over the rest of the office when it comes to fitting in the fridge as he is the size of a small child and can pretty much walk straight into the fridge without even having to bend over and mind his head. Even though we pretty much knew what the result was going to be we built up the big day the same as we would have done with any other contestant with trumpets, flag, dancers, fireworks and gymnasts on elephants (same old same old).

Here we Go!

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Sacre Bleu! The French Are Coming.

Don’t panic! The French aren’t really coming. In fact they are already here. This week’s challenger for who’s in the fridge is the lovely Celine. Don’t let the looks fool you, she means business and was fully committed to do all she could to fit into the the mighty Samsung fridge.

Celine looking nervous

Even though Celine looks visibly shaken in this quick snap shot before her attempt at the fridge, she held her nerve and performed very well when the pressure was on.

Without any further delay, here is how young Celine did.

With her small frame and flexible limbs Celine easily disappears into the fridge leaving Manley plenty of room to close the door. Success! Celine joins the ranks of the few who have defeated the Samsung fridge.

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If the Fridge fits, Dave…

Our next contender is Dave, the office car enthusiast and all round nice guy. I wonder if all that car-grease will make a difference to the fortunes of our intrepid fridge botherer…  :|

Do not to be deceived by his wiry frame, this guy has big guns on him which might just come into play, given the narrow nature of the space, and his general hunkiness.

Ok, ok, calm yourself ladies. Here is his attempt in all it’s glory…

As you can see, it was close, but no cigar for poor fat headed Dave. Even after a good old push we couldn’t get the door of the Freezer fully closed making it a failure for fattest thin guy in the office. Damn those broad shoulders!

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Go, go Johnny B. Goode

I first have to apologise for the length of time between the last post and this, to be completely honest I have just been too lazy to write a new post for the next member of staff to be stuffed in the mighty box of judgement.

Today’s willing employee has been dubbed ‘The coolest man in rock” in the past and by no means needs to be chilled by the fridge as he is already “ubercool” (or so they say).

Johnny Mug Shot

Johnny isn’t our newest recruit in the office but was so excited to try and defeat the Samsung Fridge that we just couldn’t stop him trying to squeezing in. Unfortunately Johnny seems to be a little, umm, tall to fit in the fridge. with most of him compacted into the small freezer section of the Samsung cooler but his head just poking out stopping the door being shut. Failure is never easy and I am sure Johnny will be back sometime in the future to give it another go.

On a slight side note to Johnny’s attempt to conquer the task to wedging himself fully in the fridge, the below images show that Johnny has quite possibly one of the coolest tattoos known to man. Yes, it’s just a circle on his arm (well, it’s sort of circular). We are trying to get Johnny to draw something new in his tattoo each week, but he is still reluctant. He will break at some point, and when he does I will make sure to post up updates of what he has created each week.

Now, what you have all been waiting for…

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